1.5m pack away wing

At least I think this was 1.5m span! I moved away from the MH45 after this model, I've found other sections to be more forgiving and better suited to my setups and flying style. This 'wing was a good flyer in moderate to strongish conditions, a good speed range, reasonable aerobatics (though barrelly rolls) and good thermal perfomance.

Again this was white foam, skinned in 1/16th balsa sealed with polycrylic. The radio gear switched on when you slid the two halves together, all the connectors were mounted in the roots. I built the wing for carrying in a backpack on walks or taking on holiday, though in retrospect it may have been a shade too big for its intended purpose.

It was also a bit tricky to launch for some reason, it seemed keen on nosing in. I set about resolving this issue and made a small pod the was held between the wing roots by a vertical ply plate. On the first test flight I slid the pod over the joiner, pushed the wings together to switch on. I taped the join, but the air was damp and misty and as I launched (pod solved that problem perfectly) the wings tugged apart slightly (the tape giving up in all that dampness) and I heard the servos glitch 'off' as the power disconnected. The model free flew off into the mist perfectly and seconds later I heard it crash into the trees at the base of the hill destroying itself.

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