early oddments

52" span built up wing, sheeted in 1/16th balsa. Clark YH section and a fair bit of washout

A floaty, stable wing that needed a lot of reflex to fly, though I think this was due to excessively forward cg position. Met its maker when the rx battery died in flight, such a painful way of getting to grips with the foibles of nimh packs.

I think it had as much as 30 deg sweep

'The Thing' built from the three view in 'Silent Flight' in the early nineties. Lack of knowledge led me to having excessive elevator throws. I just kept moving the cg forward thinking the pitch sensitivity was a balance issue. This did eventually settle it down but I must have had about 1lb of lead on the nose and a fair bit of reflex. I made up a centre section with increased sweep, pushing the cg location further back and allowing me to remove most of the lead.

test bed

This wing was a quickly put together in an afternoon to test a few ideas. It was cut from pink foam. had a span of about 30" with a symmetrical section, low sweep angle and no washout. It was built to assess the impact of the wing section and lack of washout on roll authority, specifically to see if I could get axial rolls out of a wing that had the components of an aerobatic model.

The model was quick and soared well, but inevitably needed reflex so the rolls were terrible. I will try and solve this on-going bug bear of mine, I have several ideas to try out that may combat the effective up trim which causes barrel rolls.

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