57" wing

A great little all rounder. I got inspired to build a light, handy sized sports soarer using the EH1.5/9 wing section. Flew well from the first launch, only struggled in very bumpy conditions or winds above about 25mph. Rolled reasonably well, and on the South Downs and Beachy Head (in first rate lift) half decent axial and hesitation rolls are possible. Great inverted performance with stability imparted by the wing sweep. Like the 38" wing, it would even thermal the wrong way up!

Any down sides? It didn't seem to approve of being ballasted, and it was tricky to land accurately.

The model was built from white foam, with a hardwood spar and 1/32nd balsa skin glassed in light weight cloth.

This planform is the same as the 2m pink foam wing and will serve as a basic layout for any future testing.

This 57" version died a death when I slapped a lipo and brushless pusher onto it. The prop sliced the aerial off and the wing snapped on impact with the ploughed field.

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  1. Would you sell me a set of plans for your wing. contact me via email: windfree@comcast.net