2m sport wing

This 'wing is the next stage from the 2m pink foam model. It uses the EH 1.5/9 section with 2 deg washout and 24 degrees sweep. It's 2m in span with slightly more aspect ratio that the EH 3/12 wing. The tip taper was cut once the wings had been hot wired, and the section then sanded. This gives a thick tip section to reduce tip stalling. Total build time was about 21 hours.

Having got the cg dialled it, it seems to fly well though I've only had a few flights on it so far. It has a good turn of speed, but I haven't tried ballast in it yet (the main reason for building it). The flaps work well, but may need a touch of up compensation.

The roll is promising, probably the best yet on any of my wings. The flaps are coupled with the elevons for roll only. No sign of flutter yet despite the lack of a shear web.

The first flights were in marginal conditions, and it did scratch around respectfully. Later flights were kept short (despite the wind picking up) so I haven't had a chance to fully 'fly' it yet.

Could this be the holy grail of an fast and aerobatic wing that I've trying for? updates to follow...

the blunt tip section

one piece models are the best! it fits in the car with about 25mm to spare each end, the rack is

made from scrap timber I had knocking around.

The ballast tube fits between two lugs to stop the model sliding around.


  1. one of those jobs I kept putting off, but gives me a lot of pleasure now it's done. I may make another section that clips on top to take pairs of wings

  2. Very nice wing! I hope you still enjoy her nowadays... otherwise I am interested.

    1. Hi, thanks for the compliment. She still comes out from time to time, but she's getting a bit tatty in her old(ish) age now!